A.R.Krishna Shastry

A.R.Krishna Shastry
A.R.Krishna Shastry


Books –
He translated many Sanskrit plays of Kalidasa, Bhavabhooti and Bhasa. He wrote
biography of Bankim Chandra Chattarjee, great Bengali novelist.

Prof. Krishnashastri has written numerous other short stories and novels.
But what Prof. Krishnashastry is well known for is – his great works
like Vachanabharata, Nirmalabharati and Kathamrita. Vachanabharata and
Nirmalabharati are a masterly condensation of Mahabharata. Kathamrita is
collection of stories from Kathasaritsagara, huge anthology of hundreds of fables,
fairy-tales and stories in Sanskrit. Kathamrita has an exhaustive and well-studied
introduction of stories in Indian and western tradition.
Prof. Krishnashastri started Prabuddha Karnataka, the first Kannada news paper in
1918 and worked as the editor.
Honors received:
He was honored with Sahitya academy award and D.Litt of Mysore University.