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Karnataka Samskrit University has been established by the government of Karnataka for strengthening Samskrit education and research in Karnataka. Along with conducting examinations and conferring degrees, the University has initiated several projects for development and upliftment of Samskrit in the state. One such project is the ‘Samskrit Book Award’ project.

Background and Objective

Samskrit writing and publication in Karnataka has a long history. Even today, a number of scholars in Karnataka are engaged in producing literary works in various formats such as prose and poetry. Many young scholars have also exhibited talent in writing. However, despite the considerable contribution of these authors to Samskrit literature, there is no encouragement provided to them at the state level.

Karnataka Samskrit University wishes to felicitate and encourage contemporary Samskrit writing through the ‘Samskrit Book Awards’. The award includes certificate and ten thousand rupees in cash.

Literary categories to be considered for the award

Samskrit literature is of a great variety. In addition, several new types of writing have been added by modern writers, willing to experiment under the influence of other modern regional languages. Considering all these, the following literary categories will be considered for the book awards –

1. Novels/Stories
2. Prose-Poetry- Poem
3. Drama
4. Book Compilation
5. Shastric writing
6. Essay
7. Translation
8. Scientific writing
9. Translation of Shastric Text into Kannada
10. Criticism

Rules :

1. Books will be considered for the awards based on direct applications from the author/publisher, or recommendations from scholars.
2. Awardees will be selected by a scholarly committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor. Selection of this committee will be endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor. Decision of the committee will be final.
3. Only books published in the previous three years will be considered for the award during any particular year.
4. The award will contain a certificate, cash prize and shawl.
5. Books will be invited for the awards through Newspaper advertisements.
6. A scholar who is selected for the award in any category will not be re-considered for an award in the same category again.
7. Only one award will be given in each category. A book which did not receive the award in a particular year may be re-considered for the award in the following years, provided it fulfills all other conditions.
8. Special encouragement prize will be awarded to students studying in the fields of research article/compilation of articles/creative writing.
9. All these awards are limited to the state of Karnataka.
10.In the shastric writing category, though Sanskrit books are only considered, still Kannada books related to Sanskrit may be considered. Eg Bharatiya Kavya Mimamsa.
11.If it is a translation of a shastra writing, then along with the translation skills, comprehension skills would be required.
12.An author awarded once will not be awarded upto 5 years from the date of award.
13.The committee can nominate also in the above manner.
14.The members of the scholarly committee can award authors without an application also.
15.The decision of the scholarly committee will be final.

Contact Officer:

The Registrar,
Karnataka Samskrit University,
Pampa Mahakavi Road, Chamarajapete, Bangalore – 560018
Ph: 080-26701303