Foundation Lecture

Two main objectives of the Karnataka Samskrit University include teaching and research in various disciplines of Samskrit at the highest level. Along with these, with an intention to spread awareness among people regarding the treasure-house of knowledge existing in this language, the university has started the Foundation Lecture Series.

In this series, veteran scholars famed at the national and international levels for their contribution to shaastras or inter-disciplinary subjects are invited by the Vice-chancellor to deliver a lecture. The lectures are organised periodically, in association with different institutions and Samskrit colleges of the state. The speakers are requested to provide the entire lecture in a written form, and this is published as a booklet before the lecture.

First lecture of the Foundation Lecture Series was delivered by the famed scholar of Karnataka, Padmashree Vidyavachaspati Bannanje Govindacharya. The lecture, titled ‘Basic principles of Indian Psychology’, has been published as a booklet by the University.

Foundation Day 2019 Invitation


Foundation Day Lecture 2018



Foundation Lecture Series-1

Foundation Lecture Series-2