Faculty of Shastras

Department of Vyakarana

It is one of the pillars of Sanskrit learning. Grammar has always been an integral part of our studies since ages. The Paniniya grammar is considered to be one of the greatest productions of human mind. Grammar evolves as a process of the complete formation of each word from its root, by means of suffixes, additions, changes and minor modifications. The study of Paniniya Grammar will be an intellectual treat. Sanskrit grammar can also be studied on a comparative basis, in the light of allied Indo-European languages. The classes are being taken by efficient dedicated scholars of the department.

Prof. Shivani V.
and HOD
Anupama B.jpg
Dr. Anupama B.
Assistant Professor

Department of Nyaya and Vaisheshika

Navya Nyaya represents one of the finest products of human intellect that has been sustaining India’s Intellectual culture for the last few centuries. This shastra offers devices of logical argument and supplies us with the novel set of terminology for mapping reality. This school of philosophy exerted influence on different systems of thought so much that they adopted the Navya Nyaya methods to counter their opponents and propagate their thesis.

A re-look of Navya Nyaya language and methodology at this modern age may be highly rewarding. Classes are conducted by eminent and sagacious scholars in Nyaya and Vaisheshika shastra.

Prof. Shrinivasa varakhedi
Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi
professor | Deputed as vice chancellor to central sanskrit university, new delhi
Dr. Bhaskar Bhatt Joshi
Assistant Professor and HOD
Dr. Venkatanathan K E
Dr. Venkatanathan K E
Assistant Professor
Dr. VSR Lakshmi
Dr. V. V.S. R. Lakshmi
Assistant Professor

Department of Alankara

The Sanskrit language and literature have become an inalienable part of religion and culture. Several hymns of Rigveda are looked upon as genuine specimens of fine poetry. The first systemization perhaps started with the Natya shastra of Bharata. This work though preliminary a work on drama, marks itself as the conception for the origins of systematization of the poems as a science. Poets like Kalidasa, Dandin and others have enriched this school of poems through their prolific writings. The classes are being taken by efficient dedicated scholars of the department.

Vidwan Rishidev Bhargav N.

Assistant Professor and HOD
Vanaraja B K
Vidwan Vanaraja B K
Assistant Professor
Bheemanaik S
Bheemanaik S
Assistant Professor

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