Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy Vedabhavana Samskrita Graduation and Post Graduation Center


About the College

Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy Vedabhavana Samskrita Mahavidyalaya

Gokarna is a historically and mythologically famous place. Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy Vedabhavana Samskrita Vidyapeetha was established in this place in 1879 by Ve. Hosmane Shastri and nurtured by Maharshi Daivaraata. Shri Satyadeva Brahmachari of Bhaarateeya Chaturdhama Vedabhavana Nyasa  of Kanpur took this institution under his care and obtained permanent recognition and aid for the college from the government, with the help of the then governor, Sri Dharmaveera. He also helped the college to acquire a building of its own, with aid from state government and West Coast Paper mills of Dandeli. Land required for the building was granted by the seer of Sringeri muth, srimadabhinava Vidyateertha Mahaswami.

In 1976, classes for all the four vedas, Alankara, Vyakarana, Naveenanyaya and Advaita Vedanta were started in this college. Classes were conducted for examinations from Prathamaa to Vidvaduttamaa. Students flocked the college not only from Karnataka, but from other states like Maharashtra, Uttarpradesh, Odisha, Bihar and even from the neighbouring country of Nepal. Students of this college are today occupying important positions all over the world, and are spreading the knowledge of Vedas and shastras.

125th anniversary of the institution was celebrated in 2003-2004. Students from the college have participated in National level competitions and won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. In 1989, the Bhaarateeya Chaturdhama Vedabhavana Nyasa handed over the institution to the Government of Karnataka. Since then, the college is under direct authority of the government of Karnataka. Currently, about 155 students are studying in the paathashaalaa and about 60 students in the Graduation and Postgraduation center.

Principal – Dr.Krishna Joshi
Mobile Number – 9448124207

Courses Offered

University Courses– BA (Shastri), MA (Acharya)

Vedas – Rigveda, Krishnayajurveda, Saamaveda (Raanaayanee shaakha), Atharvaveda

Shaastras – Alankaara, Vyaakarana, Naveenanyaaya, Advaita vedaanta.

Directorate Courses – Prathamaa, Kaavya, Saahitya, Veda Prathama, Pravesha, Moola.



  1. Vidwan Udaya Mayyar


  1. Vidwan Manjunath Bhat


  1. Vidwan Ananth Subraya Bhat


  1. Vidwan Shridhar adi

5.Naveena Nyaaya Shaastra

  1. Vidwan K L Raghav

6.Advaita Vedantha

7.Vyaakarana Shaastra

8.Alankara Shaastra

  1. Vidwan Balachandra Bhat, Guest Lecturer

9.Sahitya Department

  1. Vidushi Sushma Shastri
  2. Vidwan Ganeshwar S Dixit

10. Vaatulagama

  1. Vidwan Samba Bhat Hiregange


Jagadaguru Shri Shri Bharathiteertha Mahaswamiji of Shringeri Mutt has providing Veda-Sambhavana to the Acharyas for four Vedas
Sri Sri Raghavendra Bharathi Mahaswamiji of Ramachandrapura muth, who was a student of this college in his poorvashrama, has provided meals facility for the students of this college (Amritaanna).


Timetable for the year

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Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy Vedabhavana Samskrita Graduation and Post Graduation Centre
Gokarna, Kumta Taluk, Uttara Kannada District – 581326

08386-256192, 9448124207‎


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